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Building on 65 Years of Experience

American Own, American Materials and American Made!

Providing Quality Products and Services in:

Storm Inlets and Manholes

Custom Storm Boxes


Concrete Pipe

Sanitary Manholes and Boxes

Pump Stations and Valve Vaults

Frame & Covers / Frame & Grates

Septic Tanks, Distribution Boxes and Drain Field Material

Sewage Pumps, Alarms and Panels

Redi Rock Concrete Wall System

Pole Base Concrete Light Pole System

EZ-Treat (Alternative Septic Treament System)

Installation Pump Station, Valve Vaults, Redi-Rock Walls


Tired of not recieving personal service and quality products? Feel like your a number or a unknown cutomers? Time for a change to Winchester Building Supply!

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Storm & Sewer

Turn-key precast concrete services and products for the storm, sewer, and utility markets.

Pole Base

Precast concrete foundation for outdoor site lighting and many other applications . The Easy Solution for Pole Bases.       

Septic Tanks

Planet sustainable residential and commercial onsite wastewater recycling products and systems.


A concrete engineered retaining wall solution, providing a diversity of design needs and uses.

Winchester Building Supply

Our Products and Services!

We provide a variety product lines and services in the Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC and the Maryland markets. Contact us, to see what we can offer you at your project location. We love bundling many of our products and services to provide you the best cost saving options. We are pretty much a one stop underground utility supply company in many of our product lines.

WBS Precast offers a wide variety of precast concrete products for the storm, sewer, utility, retaining wall and onsite wastewater recycling (septic tanks and related items). Along with a wide variety of services to help our customers get the most value out our products for their projects. 

Why Use Us?

  • What we can do for our customers, is to help them diversify into our complimentary lines of products and service offerings, which together align with the entire development and construction phase of each customer’s project, regardless of how big or small the order.
  • What we offer our customers is Quality of Solutions. Many of our competitors are just selling a product. WBS thinks this is the wrong approach. We want to sell you productivity? Our ultimate goal is to help you: 1) Improve your projects revenue stream and 2) Reduce its cost
  • We provide modern age use of electronic resources to keep our customers, local specifiers, engineers and suppliers up to speed on changes in the industry, our products and services. One phone call, one email, one text, provides real time information on pending orders.

Commitment To The Future and The Past

We know a lot has changed in 65 Years. World War II had only been over for 5 years when Winchester Building Supply was started. We started out making precast concrete septic tanks and burial vaults and have grown to making a wide variety of precast concrete products and services. Only two things keep you in business for that long: Quality Products and Service. Those two things will never change here at WBS. But to continue to grow in the products and services we offer our customers will.

Ready For A Change!

Return to a company where we put your company first. It doesn't matter how large or small your company is, or if you're a home owner, we treat everyone like a valuable member of our family. WBS wants to help you succeed by lending you a hand to integrate all of our products and service into your project to reduce cost and improve revenue. Give us a call, to have one of our trained staff assist you find the right solutions for your job.

Contact us at pcr@wbswinchester.com if you have questions or comments.

For a conversation or set a appointment to review your project call Patrick Rodgers at 540-535-8906.